Monday, October 12, 2009



AKA: Micronized Copper Azole

Additional Information: A wood preservative treatment which contains micronized copper and tebuconazole dispersed in water. Micronizing means to reduce particles in size down to the micron level.

MCA is second generation micronized technology. The formulation is reported to give better performance while using less copper than earlier wood preservative products such as MCQ (Micronized Copper Quat) and ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quat).

During the treatment of MCA lumber, micronized copper is carried into the wood through vacuum/pressure impregnation and is physically deposited into the wood structure. This helps prevent the particles from being dislodged during normal weathering. The retention levels of various treatments in lumber are given in pounds per cubic foot (PCF) of wood. Ground contact lumber requires a higher PCF than non. 

Relative Link: A comprehensive review of copper-based wood preservatives: with a focus on new micronized or dispersed copper systems.



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