Friday, November 20, 2009

Xanthoparmelia Cumberlandia


AKA: Lichen

Location: Roxana, Delaware

Additional Information:  To look at a Lichen is really to look at two things. An algae and a fungi have formed a partnership known as symbiosis wherein the algae makes food (through photosynthesis) and the fungi protects the algae and obtains water and minerals from its surroundings.

Lichen do not need to tap into a continuous water source to survive but they do need an undisturbed surface. This roof of cedar shakes makes a perfect lichen substrate.

The presence of Lichen on a wood shingle roof is both a blessing and curse. The blessing is that air quality in the area must be very good for this dual organism to survive. The curse is that it traps water close to the roof which will hasten shingle failure. 

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