Sunday, December 6, 2009

Irwin Marathon Cordless Circular Saw Blade


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Additional Information: This Irwin Marathon cordless circular saw blade features UC2 carbide teeth that are welded to the body of the blade rather than brazed. Irwin has branded this method of connection WeldTec and they assure a 30% better hold over brazing.  

The UC2 carbide teeth are touted as 70% tougher than standard carbide teeth. UC2 carbide is sub micro grain, meaning the carbide grains used to form the teeth are very, very small. This allows for the grains to be packed together more densely in the finished tooth and for those teeth to have a smaller profile because of it. Also, the denser the carbide teeth, the better they are able to hold an edge.

Using sub micro grain carbide allows this blade to have an ultra thin kerf which in turn translates to more cuts per charge on a cordless saw.

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  1. I use these blades in my corcular saw and their great! Reasonably priced too.


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