Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old House


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Location: Omar Light - Frankford, Delaware

Additional Information: Oddly, I believe that for many of us, old houses bring to mind our youths. Even more so than with people, old houses opened our eyes to the ageing process. People have a spark which can afford even the oldest individual a timeless quality. Old houses on the other hand begin to deteriorate fast if no one cares for them.

Along with teaching our very young eyes about age, old houses taught our very young minds about history. We saw it worn into our neighbors linoleum floors and in chewed through holes in a great uncles baseboard. Being inside an old house was like walking into a fictional history book where reality shared borders with the imagination and where we began to seamlessly fuse them into something called knowledge. 

In our previous post we featured a plaque awarded by the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society to a well kept and obviously much loved beach property. But not all old houses are granted loving recognition. If any one cares that the old house pictured above is passing the signs are not outward.

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  1. there is no better way to earn your remodeling badge than to work on an old house. Balloon framing, under sized or missing headers, knob and tube wiring, horse hair plaster and lathe, etc!

  2. In my own house I uncovered a huge (6' tall or so) honeycomb in one the uninsulated stud bays. The bees had left some time ago and the honey had grown dark brown and brittle.


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