Sunday, January 24, 2010

Channelizer Drum


AKA: Traffic Barrel

Location: Roxana, Delaware

Additional Information: Channelizer Drums are made by many different manufacturer's whose models offer a number of small variations on a theme. One important difference is between the high and low density models. High density channelizer drums are more rigid than low and are often used in hot desert regions where the low density drums might collapse in the heat.  The softer, more expensive, low density drums are employed in colder regions where they are more likely to dent, rather than crack, on impact.

The channelizer drum pictured above has a rubber base. The rubber bases can weigh between 25 - 40 pounds. Plastic bases are also available which fill with sand or are meant to hold a sandbag. Wind speed and speed of traffic factor into weight needed to keep the drum in place. 

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