Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vinyl Lattice Panel


AKA:  Diagonal Lattice Panel, Polyvinyl chloride, PVC

Location: Lewes, Delaware

Additional Information:  Vinyl Lattice panels will not come apart like their wooden counterparts. They also do not need painting on a regular basis and will not rot. The material they are made from, however, has a schizophrenic reputation. There are those who call PVC the poison plastic and others who tout it as eco-friendly. One source will tell you that "PVC is inherently recyclable" while another states that "PVC is considered a difficult and expensive material to recycle."Who to believe can be difficult to ascertain but it is my understanding that the second statement is as true as the first and that "recyclable" does not mean "gets recycled". 

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  1. When I redid my storage shed, I used some of it both for its decorative quality AND that it would not require the maintenance that its wooden counterpart requires.


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